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Globally connected

Support and build trust between the Syrian diaspora

Who we are

Globally connected foundation is a network that aims to support and build trust and understanding between the Syrian diaspora, host communities and Syrians in Syria. To date, Globally Connected have worked towards this goal through the delivery of capacity building and training, networking events, accompaniment, as well as the setting up of grassroots initiatives and community projects across Europe

Our values

Valuing cultural, ethnic, religious and gender diversity

Networking to achieve social inclusion through joint initiatives

Respecting and building bridges between cultures

Social justice and inclusion

Our tools

paper, business, finance

What we do

Small-scale grant-making

Globally Connected offers grants to organizations, groups, and individuals from Syrian diaspora and host communities

Capacity building

Globally Connected supports its members through capacity development activities, which include joint learning initiatives and workshops


The value of networking and global collaboration is central to the nature of Globally Connected, itself a collaborative initiative

Publications and media

Globally Connected produces evidence-based research and uses different media to inform policy and implementation on social cohesion

Our projects

Active voices

As part of the joint project cooperation between Globally connected and International Alert A number of people 13 participants coming from different Eu states (Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark)

Building and bounding

Globally Connected joined a joint program supported by GIZ in 2018 in phase one and continuing the program through its phase 2 and recently phase 3