Who we are

About us

Globally Connected Foundation is a network that aims to support and build trust and understanding between the Syrian diaspora, host communities and Syrians in Syria. To date, Globally Connected have worked towards this goal through the delivery of capacity building and training, networking events, accompaniment, as well as the setting up of grassroots initiatives and community projects across Europe

Our vision

We envision a Europe where Syrians are respected and valued members of society contributing to prosperous and peaceful societies and have an active role in building sustainable democratic peace in Syria and Europe

Our Mission

Globally Connected is a network of individuals and organizations in Europe, civil society activities who work together to build trust and understanding between the Syrian in the diaspora, host communities and Syrians inside Syria to build sustainable peace based on understanding human rights and social justice.

Our values

  • Valuing cultural, ethnic, religious and gender diversity
  • Networking to achieve social inclusion through joint initiatives
  • Respecting and building bridges between cultures
  • Social justice and inclusion

Our tools

  • Facilitations and mediation
  • Action research
  • Global cafes and dialogues

Our team

Board members

Abir HajIbrahim

Board Member

Ghada Al Rifai

Board Member

Noha Chuck

Board Member

Steering committee

Hani Menzaljy

Hani Menzaljy

Studied International Transport and Logistics Management in Syria and has been engaged in various activities with different civil society organizations in Syria since 2011.

Abeer sawan

Abeer Sawan

Engineering student in Denmark university, Interested in humanitarian work, and human rights. she  participated with different global organizations in several projects and initiatives working on youth and women empowerment and their role in peace.

Muhammad Yaseen

Mohamad Yassin

Mohammad holds a bachelor’s degree in international transport and logistics management from the arab academy for science, technology and maritime transport Alexandria – Egypt