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Noha Chuck

A Canadian Citizen and a senior business consultant with 32 years’ experience; broad international marketing and management experience.
This includes more than ten years, in senior positions with the Syrian European Business Centre, a total of 27 million euro EU funded multi-programmes, a centre that is considered a model of effective organizations of its type. This has become the Syrian Enterprise and Business Center, a private foundation playing an important role in the modernization of the Syrian economy, with special focus on private sector development in general and SME’s in particular within the framework of the association agreement between Syria and the EU.
She has worked in developing governmental and para-statal institutions and in economic policy formulation areas.
Her work has included extensive interaction with public, semi-public and private sectors. Her key qualifications include:

  • Vision Engineering.
  • Emotional Intelligence Theory and Applications
  • Extensive institutional development and economic policy formulation
  • experience covering a wide range of institutions at macro and micro economic levels
  • Experience of working in both the private and semi-public sectors
  • Specialist in export promotion, foreign direct investment promotion, small and medium-size enterprise (SME) development and cost-sharing grant schemes.
  • Experienced with several international consultancy firms in the preparation of technical assistance proposals and tenders for the International Donor Agencies (such as European Commission and others)
  • Business development including instituational development, capacity building, creation and management of start-up projects and incubators.
  • Experience as a technical expert on a variety of short and long-term technical assistance projects in Eastern Europe, Middle East and the former Soviet Union.
  • Strong track record of relationship building at high levels within business and government
  • Provision of consultancy and technical advice to government and state development agencies on export promotion, foreign direct investment, SME development and business centre development, incubators, innovation centers and others.
  • Experience maintaining relationships with a variety of stakeholders to create and maintain supportive, enabling environments for project implementation
  • Substantial project management experience
  • Substantial experience with the operations of international funding agencies and participation in major economic development projects
  • Strong written and oral communication, computer literacy and language skills
  • Cultural bridging, facilitation and human skills ability, resulting from assignments in culturally diverse environments